Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Making myself a BX+ DM screen. Want one?

In preparation for DM'ing some upcoming BX sessions, I decided I'd put together a DM screen the way I wanted. For example, I've never like having to navigate the three columns on the PC attack tables for class and level; instead, I've always preferred the AD&D approach of "broken out" tables for each class. So I started working on the panels, intending to print them out on my Epson printer and glue them to cardstock. As I was working on them, I was careful about trying not to infringe on copyright or crack the limits of the OGL... just in case.

What I've ended up with are panels with tables that sort of "meld" things between LL and D&D BX+ (the "plus" means I've gone beyond 14th level on some of the tables, heading into BECMI territory). For example, I've tweaked the monster XP rewards table to my liking (rather than strictly using the others). I've done the same with some of the spell charts, thieves abilities, etc. And I've put all the stuff I want in my screen... like item saving throws, an expanded selection of armor types with AC ratings, etc. In a way, it's almost a stand-alone retro-clone. And right now, I'm planning a 2nd 3-panel screen with secondary but needed stuff like weapon and equipment prices, encumbrance information, henchmen/hireling recruitment, retainer costs, a treasure type table, and movement stuff (e.g., evasion and wilderness terrain effects).

So what's the point of telling you all this, and showing you this beautiful mockup of the first half of my work on the screens? Well, I know there was a Labyrinth Lord screen Kickstarter a while back, but I wanted to see what you thought about something like this "expanded" BX DM screen (that is, two 3-panel pieces) as a Kickstarter. I want to make it quick and simple, and I don't want to get bogged down in stretch goals.

I'm trying to make this pricing work...
a $20 pledge would get the two 3-panel screens (shipping included), with 150 pledges being required.
I know I can make that work for 14pt. UV coated cover stock. But I'm working on some other resources. If possible, I'm going to try to get the pricing to work on HEAVY cardstock (like the old 1e 2-part DM screen).

If I can't get this dog to hunt, then I'll just go back to making my own as originally planned.


  1. Rackham! Love that.

    Unfortunately I wouldn't find this useful, since I've done too much tinkering with "D&D Mine" already. But I definitely like the idea, and the screen mockup (or is that the real deal?) looks pretty cool.

  2. I went to your website and I cannot find where to buy this DM screen, I even looked on lulu.com

    1. There are a limited number left here: https://squareup.com/market/new-big-dragon-games-unlimited