Monday, May 13, 2013

The Community Geomorph Project is Alive and Well
(a.k.a. "The Submissions that Kicked My Ass!")

I know many of you were starting to think this project died. Well, long story short... I got to a couple of submissions that just sort of made me feel completely daunted (above), just about the same time I started getting really busy with personal life and day job workload. So I just sort of kept putting off those submissions, and putting them off, and putting them off. And then last week decided it was just time to get out the paddles, call "CLEAR", and jump start that bitch.

Now... before Andrew Shields of Fictive Fantasies starts blaming himself for sidetracking this thing... he shouldn't... it's all on me. Like I said, workload on me picked up about the time I found myself staring at his entries. I really just found myself saying to myself, "Okay... how do I need to draw this so people will get it when they see it?" And with my tendency for procrastination mixed with A.D.D., it didn't take much to push this aside. But I've got it going again, and will soon be making an active call for additional submissions.

As of right now, there are 30 completed pages (that's 120 individual geomorphs), including the 9 most recent pages below. As of right now, there is only one received submission that has not been re-drawn yet (a cool submission from Welbo that I'm looking forward to finally executing). I will be sending out PDF versions soon (probably this week) to the various parties whose submissions have already been redrawn (Christian Sturke, Boric G., Matthew Schmeer, Chris Creel, and Andrew Shields) for a review of my version vs. their original submission (BTW, I'll send JPGs of the submissions out with the PDFs in case you don't have them handy). And then, hopefully, get those refined over the next few weeks.

Starting some time this summer (mid-June?), I'll probably start making calls for thematic submissions that I feel like the book could use (e.g., "send me 1 page of 4 central temple areas" or "send me 1 page of 4 tribal/lair living areas" or "send me a page of labs and libraries").

As always, you can download the master sheets from the Community Geomorph Project Page and keep sketching and sending me geomorphs as you draw them.

Without further ado... the newest 9 pages of geomorphs (a.k.a. "round 3"),
including the 2 pages that kicked my ass.

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Go back and check out Round 2 >>


  1. When I saw the headline, I was convinced (in my ego) that it was me.

    Glad to know that someone had some more "difficult to render" morphs than I did.

    They look great, btw.

  2. Thanks. Actually, even though Andrew's were a challenge, they're actually some of the most interesting ones that have been submitted thus far, and they've all been fun to work on.

  3. was I the only one who sent theirs in by snail-mail ?
    (... they got there, right?)

  4. I have such mixed feelings about my celebrity here! I can totally see how those were difficult. As someone who has the "Dungeonmorph Dice" set, I've seen so many great geomorphs that it's hard to think up something that hasn't been done. Thanks for sticking with it!

    I think themes are a great idea.