Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Arthur Rackham Vector Art - Collection 1

Yep. No catch. Just a collection of small PD works from Arthur Rackham, converted into vector format (by yours truly) so they can be scaled to any size and remain clean! Feel free to pass along to others. When possible, credit Arthur Rackham (but there is no need to credit me; I didn't bring much to this party). Download Arthur Rackham Spot Art Collection 1 in any or all of the following formats by clicking on the format name:

ARSPC1 in Adobe Illustrator Format (6 megs; zipped)
This file is saved in an older format (so you can open it as far back as CS2); you'll need Illustrator to open this directly, but it does have a PDF wrapper so you can open it in Photoshop and choose your resolution when you do. BTW, it's in B&W only, so if you open it in Photoshop, just choose grayscale (so the end file is smaller and easier to work with). This is actually the most versatile format of all the saves, but it's also 6 megs and not everyone has Illustrator.

ARSPC1 in Editable PDF Format (1 meg; not zipped)
As a PDF, you can: 1) place it directly into a layout program (like InDesign) and crop to the part you want, 2) open it in Illustrator and cut/paste the parts you want, or 3) rasterize it into Photoshop as described above. This is almost as versatile as the pure Illustrator format, but sometimes there are issues with opening PDFs in Illustrator when the vectors are complicated (it tends to "chop" more complex images into "smaller bits").

ARSPC1 in SVG Format (1 meg; zipped)
This is the best version to download if you have Illustrator (because it's smaller, and fully editable), but Photoshop does not know what to do with an SVG, so you'll have absolutely no luck with the file on that end.

And yes... the fact that this is titled "Collection 1" does mean I'm planning on future installments.


  1. Wow. This might be the greatest thing ever. Even better than sliced bread. Thanks.

  2. I'm a huge fan of Rackham's work. Thanks very much for converting and offering these!

  3. I was informed the PDF link wasn't working. It has now been fixed.

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