Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Separated at Birth - BX/Duck Dynasty Edition

Okay, I know I've done several Separated at Birth posts before, but I think this may be my most inspired one yet! I've been wanting to do another one for a while, but just haven't had any luck thinking of a topic. Until last night... I was looking through the BX red and blue books trying to figure out who I thought some of the illustrations looked like, and I started noticing how many of the characters had beards. I could hear Duck Dynasty on the TV in the other room, and I though, "I gotta work with what I got. It's called improv-isavation."

The dwarf from the character section of Moldvay Red, and Duck Commandor CEO Willie Robertson.

The frost giant from the monster section of Cook Blue, and head of manufacturing Jase Robertson.

The alignment guy from Moldvay Red, and family patriarch Phil Robertson.

The female halfling from the character section of Cook Blue, and family matriarch Miss Kay. (Check out how similar the hair and the eyebrows are!)

The female elf from the same picture as the dwarf in the character section of Moldvay Red, and Willie's wife Korie.

The wizard from the title page of Moldvay Red, and little-seen brother Jep Robertson.

And finally, Erol Otus's wizard from the cover of Cook Blue, and good ol' Si!

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