Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Really Old Old-School Artist Week Day 2:
Dugald Stuart Walker

Continuing my week of "Really Old Old-School Artist" posts, today I'm featuring Dugald Stuart Walker. The first two images below come from Padraic Colum's 1925 book The Boy Who Knew What the Birds Said, and the rest come from Colum's 1918 book The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter.


  1. 1. Thanks! Great stuff.
    2. I believe it's "Colum", without an 'N".

  2. Thanks. You're absolutely right that it's without the "n," and I KNOW better. I've been making that damn mistake on his name for years. It's just the habit of typing "column" (with an "n" for the generic purpose) that keeps messing me up. Corrected in post.