Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Background: Vault of the Faceless Giants

This is the background information for the adventure that accompanies the rumor table I posted the other day... an introductory level adventure to support the Basic Psionics Handbook.

The beta version is almost complete. I just need to give it a quick proofread. When it's ready (hopefully by the weekend), I'll make it available as a free PDF through RPGNow.

The tiny jungle village of Phoumi Sramol has fallen victim, some believe, to the evil hand of the demon lord Rahb.

Many generations ago, a temple set in the side of a cliff a few miles northwest of the village acted as the center of worship for evil adherents of Rahb. Livestock would die, villagers would be kidnapped, plagues would befall the area. It was believed this was all done in service of bringing Rahb into the physical word (the Material Plane) from his Abyssal home (an island fortress known as Lanku).

Suddenly, however, all of the evil and suspicious activity around the temple stopped.

Legend holds that it was the great adventurer Somnang whose hand stopped the evil, but no one is really sure.

Now, generations later, an occurance in the village has the locals questioning whether or not the evil is returning.

A local woman named Kanya claims her baby was snatched from her hands in the middle of the night by followers of Rahb, dressed in loin cloths, their faces painted to resemble the many-faced demon.

Many of the villagers deny the temple’s relationship to the missing child. Maybe they are naive; maybe they are just fearful of the truth. Regardless, they suggest instead the woman “lost” the baby in the jungle and a tiger ate it; they purport she is simply unwilling to admit her absentmindedness (something for which she is well known by the locals).

If the woman is telling the truth, however, then there is much to be feared, and the story bears investigating—not just for the sake of the woman and the community, but for the sake of a world where this kind of evil can exist.

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