Monday, September 10, 2012

Community Geomorph Project Update

August was a crazy month, what with a heavy biz workload, some spousal and family commitments requiring some time/attention, and getting back in the swing of my part-time teaching gig. But as I've mentioned, many things have been progressing (albeit slowly) behind the scenes.

I promise I have not forgotten about the Community Geomorph Project. So far I have received 30 pages (120 total sections) from 4 people. I was beginning to think Boric G. from The Dwarven Stronghold would end up having to have his own edition, having contributed more than half of the total submissions. But submissions started to dry up a bit at the end of July. I think it's because I stopped pushing the project.
(Check out the CGP page for info.)

My plan is to redraw at least one page of submissions per day (starting yesterday), and "re-group" when I've run out of pages. As I have each person's submissions "converted" into the new drawing, I will send a PDF of the page back out to the submitter for review (to make sure I didn't mis-translate, or miss any details.) So far, I've only re-drawn one page (the first submission of two from Christian at Rorschach Hamster; it appears at the beginning of this post), but if I stick to my intended schedule (which shouldn't be a problem given my "small" daily goal, and the fact that I've "kicked myself in the pants" on this project), I would hope the project will be completed by the end of October (just in time for you to populate the geomorphs with monsters from Tim Brannan's Monstrous Monday bloghop!)

Speaking of the MM bloghop, you might have noticed that project's banner ad in the right column of this blog, or the new Geomorph Project banner atop that column. I'm working on some banner ads for all who wish to share in promoting Geomorph Project, and will posting those later this week.

Your name and whatever link/address you choose will appear at the top of all your pages in the book! In the PDF version, links will be added so that people can click directly to whatever Web location you choose... directly from the file! This is intended to be a free download through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG (though I'm sure an "at-cost" print version will be available as well), and this type of project at those sites should be heavily downloaded!!! And who doesn't want some shameless self promotion?

As the project continues, I'm going to start reaching out the PARTICIPANTS to ask their input regarding the following:

MAP SIZING: Should the map sizes match the original TSR geomorphs? Or the DCC geomorphs? Nobody wants to adjust the size of the reprint so they can cut and paste from different resources and still match. I suppose they could be sized into two editions (one to match each of the other two), but I'm inclined to stick with one (though there wouldn't be a terrible extra amount of work involved.)

COVER DESIGN: This is one of those areas where there may be some discussion. My inclination would be to design the cover around the New Big Dragon "house style", but credited to all of the contributors; the cover illustration would still be TBD by participants. But this would be open for discussion.

On both of the above issues, be thinking about them, so when I open up the discussions you're ready to respond. But don't forget... you've got to contribute if you want your input to carry any weight!


  1. You know, of course, you've awakened the Dwarf. There was much more mapping to be done.

  2. I have one more page to contribute. I'll try to send it to ya soon.