Friday, January 6, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Treasure Types J Thru N (Coins)

This week's d30 Feature is taken from the "Treasure" section of the d30 DM Companion, and features bell-curved results for all the coin rolls for individual treasure types (J thru N.)

The "Treasure" section of the book also features a series of sub-type tables (gold, platinum, gems, magic items, etc.) that, based on treasure type (A, B, C, et al.), determines the % chance and amount of treasure as a single roll!!! No more need to first roll a d20 to determine if there is that sub-type, then a separate die (d6, d10, whatever) for the actual amount!!! The individual treasure types (J thru N, above) are a bit different since the chance is 100% and all that has to be determined is the amount, but take my word for it (with the endorsement of my co-conspirator David Welborn) it really cuts the headache in half for treasure types determinations.

d30 DM Companion Update!
The final charts and illustrations are finished (except for my still wanting to change the back cover illustration; ugh!) and I hope to get the files for the test/proof copy uploaded today! Stay tuned...

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