Friday, January 27, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Road Encounters

Some of you may remember the "humanoid remains generator" portion of this page from an earlier post. In working on the d30 Wilderness Companion, it seemed to fit well on this page, so it's included with the newer portions of the page.

To download a free PDF of today's chart from MediaFire, click here.

d3 DM Companion Update: The d30 DM Companion is still in the proofing stages, but it's coming along. Soon. I promise. Soon.


  1. I have used this a lot in previous campaigns. I'm getting ready to run a seafaring/piratical campaign, and realized that you haven't apparently made a "d30 Seaborne Encounters" sheet. Any chance of more d30 Encounter sheets?

    1. There are plans for plenty of new d30 tables. Many of which I've already completed or started. I have a lot of personal things shaking out at the moment, so it may be sometime later this summer before I start seeing any kind of regular development of gaming material.