Friday, January 31, 2014

d30 Downloads Grab Bag

Since many of you who read and follow this blog are somewhat newer, and because I'm now reaching an extended audience through Google+, I thought I'd dig through the archives of this blog and re-post some d30 downloads from the past. Some of these were intended for the d30 Sandbox Companion but were left on the cutting room floor. Others were intended for the d30 DM Companion but didn't really make sense there.

d30 Named Magical Swords
All of the named swords on this chart do come from either history or legend/myth, but probably aren't nearly as strong/powerful as they could be for magic swords of their reputation — there's only so much info you can get on 1 page. Without getting into a multi-page, full-blown description of the items, what's on this chart should get the broad strokes across. Obviously, feel free to enhance, add to, or otherwise expand upon these. [Originally posted 8/17/12]
To download a free PDF of this d30 Named Magic Swords chart, click here.

d30 NPC Height Determination
This was originally intended for the d30 SBC but it felt like fluff, so we cut it. [Originally blogged about 1/7/13; download previously unavailable]
To download a free PDF of this d30 NPC Height Determination chart, click here.

d30 Dinosaur Encounters
Let's face it, when it comes to dinosaurs, "you can't tell the players without a program." And forget about trying to look at the length of the damn things in correlation to their hit dice, and then guessing the basic shape of the dinosaur from the number of attacks or special armor class conditions. And then there's the fact that what we used to call the "brontosaurus" in the 70s and 80s is now officially the "apatosaurus." Consider this your program. It includes all of the major prehistoric players (dinosaurs and pterosaurs) covering all the bases of the 1e MM, BX Blue, and module X1, as well as newer discoveries that post-date those editions (like the velociraptor.) [Originally posted 5/25/12]
To download a free PDF of this d30 Dinosaur Encounter/Stats Page from MediaFire, click here.

d30 Hit Area Determination
This is a hit area determination chart for hex-based combat facing (center facing, right facing, right flank, rear, left flank and left facing.) I have to admit, the chart is really better suited for ranged attacks than for HTH combat, but it's still passable. [Originally posted 10/28/11]
To download a PDF of this Hit Area Determination chart fromMediaFire, click here.