Friday, August 3, 2012

d30 Feature of the Week: Heraldry Generator "Revisited"

This week's d30 feature isn't exactly a "revisit" of the heraldry generator from back in February, as much as it is an expansion. The original one did feature a few charges, but was moderately limited in its scope (having space for only a few key animals). So what I've done is expand those options to include not only a couple of hundred more options, but their attitude (facing/position) as well. I'm still working on figuring out how to incorporate notes on the various heraldic attitudes in the d30 Sandbox Companion, but haven't figured that out yet, nor did I have room to include those notes on this PDF. I am, therefore, including them in this blog post.

Rampant: depicted in profile standing erect with forepaws raised
Passant: walking toward viewer's left with the right forepaw raised and all others on the ground

Displayed: head turned to dexter and wings spread to the sides to fill the area of the field
Rousant: faces viewer’s left with head upturned and wings raised (about to take flight)
Trussed: perched (at rest) with wings folded

Hauriant: in a vertical position with its head up
Naiant: swimming (to viewer’s left)

Glissant: gliding horizontally in an undulant posture
Nowed: tail knotted (often a figure “8”)

To download a free PDF of this d30 Heraldry Generator Expansion from MediaFire, click here.

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