Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Oe/BX/1E Monster ("Zine Style"): Leech-man

In celebration of my recent purchase of a long-reach stapler (from Staples), as well as three reams of legal paper (for about a buck each at an estate sale), as well as anticipation for what that means... I present today's monster of the week... ZINE STYLE!


  1. Cool! What fonts did you use for this?

  2. The body fonts are variations of a font called Merchant (Merchant Copy, Merchant Copy Wide, Merchant Copy Doublesize) that are meant to mimic the look of the early Macintosh (what I'm going for - you should see what I'm planning on doing with some of photos and illustrations.) The "Monster Roster" type is a font called Impact Label (I have to tighten the letterspacing on this font or there are small white "gaps" between each letter.)

    The downside of Merchant is that it cannot be embedded in a PDF. So that means if I publish a zine and use that font family, it will either have to be a print only zine (no PDFs) or all pages with that font will have to have the fonts outlined (which could increase the file size significantly.)